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Did You Know?

Millions of people caring for others across the globe experience Compassion Fatigue (also known as Secondary Trauma (STS).

Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue mirror the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).

The prevalence of Compassion Fatigue is twice that of the general populations prevalence for PTSD.

Real people behind the statistics
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Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue occurs when caring for others and exposed to trauma.

Compassion Fatigue is a natural response in the body and mind that occurs from exposure to trauma of others and is often cited as an erosion of empathy.

Compassion Fatigue, is a neurophysiological response that negatively effects people caring for others physically, socially and emotionally, reducing capacity to engage, interact and care in the same way for others.

Compassion fatigue is an experience of trauma.

We understand

Experiences of compassion fatigue are uniquely individual and  experiences of no work/life balance, fatigue, anxiety, sleeplessness, isolation, overwhelm, depression, intrusive dreams, thoughts, images and foggy mind, are well reported. 

We understand the unintentional ripple effect  on love ones, friends, colleagues and the capacity to sustain care.  That’s why the compassion fatigue refresh, reset and reconnect program was developed.  To support all who care for others exposed to trauma to refresh, reset and reconnect to experience fully and care sustainably.

An independent analysis of the pre and post program assessments for a group of education professionals found:

Statistically significant reduction
in compassion fatigue.

Statistically significant increase
in resilience.

Statistically significant reduction
in burnout.

"I have had significant life changing results some in which even I would not have predicted. I got to know myself better, my colleagues and clients in a different and clearer light. I felt I could communicate better, my thought pattern felt broader and easier almost kinder than prior to doing the program. I found it was mindful, enlightening, and at times confronting, I have now got the tools to continue, it was amazing. Thank you Michelle for helping me grow ."

Christina Renata, Graduate 2020

Don't tough it out alone

We know its doesn’t feel natural for a person innately driven to care for others to reach out for support.

We know from experience that toughing it out alone leads to:

  • Increased negative effects.
  • Overwhelm
  • Changes in energy, mood, thoughts and behaviour.
  • Self medication.
  • In increased alcohol consumption. Suicide.
  • Lost or fractured relationships.
  • We know although unintentional that hurt people can hurt people.

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