About Us

We are here for you

We Understand

We understand caring for others is both joyful and sometimes challenging.

We Are Unique

We are unique in our approach to supporting people caring for others and we are experts in developing evidence based solutions in the context of care.

We Care

We care about you living well, caring sustainably and experiencing fully.


Transform experiences of people caring for others and exposed to trauma


People caring for others living well, experiencing fully and caring sustainably


  • Empower people to find their solution experientially, in partnership.
  • Enliven growth, authenticity and curiosity with empathy and respect.
  • Hold the space, always fully present.
  • Continuously research, innovate, assess, and improve our practice.
  • Advance diversity and inclusion.

Our Team

Michelle Black

Managing Director
Consulting Allied Health Practitioner.


Paul Lothian

Digital Asset Manager

20+ Years in Information Technology specialising in business services

Michelle Black - CEO Elegrow Pty Ltd

Michelle Black, founder of Elegrow is a Consulting Allied Health Practitioner; Clinical Counsellor (Mental Health and Behaviour), Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and an Organisational Development Consultant. 

Michelle has a Master of Counselling, is registered with the Australian Counselling Association Level 4 (Clinical), is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development, has a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Management, is a Certified Human Resources Professional and member of the Australian Human Resources Institute. 

Michelle is a Member of the Applied Neuroscience Society Australasia, an Associate of the Neurofeedback International Academy, Certified in HeartMath Biofeedback, Neurofeedback therapist, Electroencephalography (certification pending).  Michelle is a professional member of the Behaviour Coaching Institute and author of Ellie and the Sunflowers.

P Lothian - Digital Asset manager

In 1996 Paul started his own business with the help of the local Business Enterprise Centre providing guidance and support.

In 1998 along with two partners created NetCentral.net.au Pty Ltd An Internet Service providing internet access to users throughout the Hunter Valley in NSW.

Over the past 20 years Paul specialised in Network Administration, online business services including customised business applications utilising the Internet to streamline operations.

Paul has a passion for technology and is always on the lookout for new ways to improve the Internet experience.

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